I want to help secure an ever-brighter future for Langley, because Langley is my home. As a citizen developer, I’m committed to environmentally sustainable design and quality construction. As a member of the community, I’m a firm believer in walkable neighbourhoods and fighting for the places people care about.

My background is in online entrepreneurship. In 1994, in the early days of the internet, I left the University of British Columbia in the fourth year of a Political Science degree to co-found my first tech company, Internet Direct. I then co-founded Mail.com in 1996, competing a successful IPO on the NASDAQ in 1998. I sold my last internet company, DomainWorks, in 2007 because I wanted to focus my efforts locally, not globally, and make a difference in my community.

In 2005, I dedicated myself to the revitalization and ongoing improvement of Fort Langley's commercial core. Since then, my company Statewood Properties Ltd has assembled approximately 35% of the commercial area of the village. Working with award-winning architects and local contractors, we’ve completed multiple renovations on aging and previously neglected buildings, greatly improved Fort Langley's retail/tenant mix, advocated for vital infrastructure improvements projects, and championed high-quality, environmentally responsible new construction such as Coulter Berry. Certified LEED Gold, Coulter Berry is the most energy efficient and sustainable mixed-use building within all of Langley.

The restoration and renovation of the three properties on the west side of Glover Road, including the Simpson Bros store originally built in 1928, won a Heritage Conservation Award from the Langley Heritage Society in 2012.

I want to continue to build buildings and great destinations in Fort Langley that will endure, that will matter, and that will make a real difference to our community's economic and cultural future.

Now that Coulter Berry is complete, I hope we will be allowed to move forward with three proposals: Glover Mary Church, a boutique hotel the community has always wanted and deserves; a Cool Small Building to highlight Fort Langley's historic-looking streetscape; and Glover Road West, a great mix of heritage preservation, playground, and multiple gathering spaces and retail storefronts. The existing buildings on these sites are badly in need of replacement, and I believe in the community-building aspects of these developments.

I believe in pursuing the absolute best in sustainable building practices to conserve energy, regardless of the extra costs associated with leading-edge technologies such as geothermal, solar panels, and environmentally sustainable construction. This is why the LEED Gold certified Coulter Berry is the most energy efficient and sustainable mixed-use building within all of Langley. And, just as important, Coulter Berry’s extensive masonry, individualized façades, and a superb walkable design were conceived specifically for Fort Langley’s village.

Feel free to contact me anytime, for any reason. All feedback is welcome.


2012 - 2017
Fort Langley Business Improvement Association
2012 - Present
Fort Langley Business Improvement Association
2014 - Present
Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation
2011 - 2015
Township of Langley Economic Development Advisory Committee
2011 - 2013
Township of Langley Heritage Advisory Committee