In the upcoming municipal election, I am running for Langley Township Council. We need to fix the big issues. Brookswood is on a path to becoming another version of Willoughby, with missing infrastructure and schools. Aldergrove needs vision and private investment. And we can do so much better than we are in Willoughby, with 208th Street the prime example of getting it wrong.

Growing up in Langley, I was fortunate to have been a part of the emerging internet industry at a young age, with multiple successful companies. After that, I committed myself to revitalizing Fort Langley because it bothered me how neglected it was, even with its obvious, immense potential. We renovated buildings, improved the business mix, and completed the LEED Gold Coulter Berry Building. We need more relevant experience such as this on Council.

15 years ago, in Fort Langley, someone had to step up and go first, and at least try. And, as President of the Fort Langley Business Improvement Association for the past five years, Fort Langley is now more vibrant than it has ever been. Fort Langley is well on its way to being an amazing, walkable destination like no other in Langley. Langley needs to create more real neighbourhoods and special places people will care about for generations. I can help do that.

Thanks to everyone that has encouraged me to run over these past few months. We need someone on Council with my business experience, vision, commitment, and determination, not just words, to help solve our community’s very real problems. Let’s fix it.


Eric Woodward